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Elegant Themes must have something special if everyone seems to love it. Don’t you wonder why more than 200,000 customers trust them? Elegant Themes is one of the preferred choices for webmasters when designing a WordPress site. Their customers seem to be really happy, and the numbers keep growing (no sign yet of declining). Most of the themes have a completely responsive, able to adapt to the user’s variable screen size. Be prepared to see a nice looking design of your website on your smartphone and tablet. No matter from which devices you are visiting the website, it will look awesome anyway.

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The most popular themes offered by Elegant Themes are:

  1. Divi
  2. Nexus
  3. Nimble

divi elegant themes

The price is really hard to beat. The Elegant Theme shop is owned by Nick Roach and for less than 100 dollars, you get unlimited access to more than 100 premium WordPress themes, being an excellent choice. The price is very reasonable and the quality of the themes is incredible. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find both creative and inexpensive themes. You are getting a really elegant theme for your website without paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

The features are very friendly and you do not need any training to handle with the interface. Even the newbies, who have no experience when hosting a website, will be able to manage their website according to their needs and taste (ePanel). There are unlimited choices for you and almost anything can be customized. It is as easy as it sounds. IIt is important to add that you will also get 4 WordPress plugins with the purchase of Elegant Themes, to make your experience even better.

Let’s review some of the features:

Layout settings, to enable or disable thumbnails, comments and post-info section, Element Colorization, to customize the colors of the elements of your them at the click of a button, Integration tab, where you can add third party scripts or tracking codes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to improve the visibility of your website in Google or Yahoo, Advanced Search, to allow users to look for particular tags, time frames and categories, Contact Form: to easily add a contact form without installing any plugins and way more. There are so many nice features provided by Elegant Themes that you just cannot miss!

You do not need to get regular updates in order to keep your website active. Your theme will always be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and the staff is always working for you to provide the most satisfactory experience. In the case that something happens, you should contact the customer service department and they will assist you. You can be sure that the situation is going to be solved in seconds.

The themes you are going to choose depends on your needs. All the themes are nice, but they are made to satisfy different customers.

Nimble For example, the Nimble theme is better for business websites. Nimble is just about style and functionality, coming out with five bright and unique colors, which is adequate to bring attention to the site.

NexusOn the other hand, Nexus looks like a refined magazine theme to showcase your most recent articles in a media format, great for blogging.

diviHowever, Divi is the most popular because it seems to be ideal for anyone and not for special needs. Divi has received the best reviews from everyone in the industry, gaining the reputation of the most flexible WordPress theme right now.

Purchase Elegant themes and make up your mind when choosing the ideal theme for you! You won’t regret! Ever!